We are still conducting research concerning my grandfather's inventions and product designs.   He is credited with several innovative ideas that were introduced with the Cyclomobile and Manexall including refinements to transmissions used at that time and a mechanical self-starter which allowed a vehicle to be started without use of a crank.   He invented the first ever air pressure regulator and the first service station air pump, the Air-Scale.   According to members of our family, he was also the inventor of the central hood air vent seen on many automobiles of the 40's and 50's.   This vent was opened by pushing down on a lever under the center of the dashboard.   Family members also say that he was responsible for the design of the pointed metal can opener that was so common before pop-top cans became available.   In the early years of automobiles oil was sold in glass jars.   For safety purposes metal cans soon replaced glass bottles thus requiring a means of opening the cans thereby resulting in the familiar pointed can opener.   My grandfather is believed to have invented many other devices over the years, most of which were sold to others for manufacturing purposes.   As verification of these inventions is determined they will be added to this web site.

The Cyclomobile

The Manexall

Air Scale