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Manexall Advertisement, American automobile Digest, October 1920

The Manexall was basically a Cyclomobile with a little bit more storage space added.   It was intended as a light delivery truck for farmers and others who need more carrying capacity than was available with the Cyclomobile.   The name Manexall was derived from the name of the company chosen as the factory distributor, the Manufacturers and Exports Alliance, Inc. of New York.   In addition to larger carrying capacity, the styling of the Manexall was less flashy than that of the Cyclomobile and the wheels were of solid steel rather than wire.   The price was also somewhat higher.   The advertising flyer for the Cyclomobile and Manexall stated that the Manexall could bring a farmer's produce to the market at one-half the expense and in less than one-quarter the time that it would take a horse-drawn wagon.

Earl Morley's daughter, Virginia, age about five, in a hand-made prototype vehicle, most likely the Manexall judging by its shape.